At Copper Mountain Cottage, we understand that when you adopt a puppy, you are adding a member to your family!
If you are looking for a healthy, well-adjusted, hypo-allergenic, soft-as-silk, non-drooling, non-shedding, playful, intelligent and affectionate pup, you've come to the right place! We hope to help you through this process to make sure the puppy finds a loving supportive home and you have the best experience possible. Our pups are raised in our home as beloved companions and receive only the best care. And, despite my husband and youngest daughter's pet allergies, they have no issues with our pups, no matter how close they snuggle them. Please look around our site, meet our beautiful companions and feel free to text us if you need additional info.
Welcome to our little slice of heaven!

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There's nothing like the love of a beautiful Australian Labradoodle! Plus they don't shed and have the sweetest temperament - you need this in your life!

Check out Lester Holt of the Today Show talking about how his loving, Australian Labradoodle, Lucy, made their lives so much better! And she looks just like our
Professor Charles Xavier!