Meet Sweet Nala Bear


At 6 Months

At One Year

Soft Apricot Curly Fleece
18" to the Shoulder
31 pounds
Playful, bright & affectionate

Our sweet Nala is almost identical to Millie and was also selected due to the fact that she is the perfect match in size, color and coat for our Australian Labradoodle lines. She is an AKC registered purebred Poodle from champion lines. The Australian Labradoodle Association of America and the Australian Labradoodle Club of America both recommend that every 3rd generation the Australian Labradoodle is bred to a poodle which is called a "Coat Correction". (See our About the Breed page). They are registered as multi-generation Australian Labradoodles with NO qualifier on them (i.e. F1B, F2B) it just keeps their hair silky and non-shedding.

She makes our offspring coats even silkier and more hypo-allergenic, if that's possible! The best way to describe Nala is as a joy in our lives! She is playful and sweet, always up for fun and games and she jumps with all four paws like a gazelle! She is not shy and will climb up on your lap no matter who you are. We learned quickly that if we lie down for a nap, Nala will lay right on top of you. Nobody minds because she is as soft as a teddybear, thus the name Sweet Nala Bear. We can't imagine our home without her sweet spirit!