The amazing
Professor Charles Xavier
& Little Millie Belle delivered a beautiful litter on September 27th!

September Litter!

With 5 Boys and 1 girl, how could we resist?!
Available to go home
in November!
*We do not guarantee weight,  height or size of any puppy at maturity. What determines the weight and size of a dog is not based solely on genetics. A healthy and well balanced diet, lifestyle and daily exercise regimen play a major part in the development and mature size of your pet. These determining factors are beyond our influence once they leave our care, therefore we do not guarantee mature size. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Our Past Puppies!
Black Collar Girl
We've been calling her
Black Widow
(or Natasha)
Blue Collar Boy
We've been calling him Captain America

This soft little boy is the creamiest blonde color that we're totally in love with!

Green Collar Boy
We've been calling him
the Hulk

This gorgeous little boy is a lovely Caramel color with blonde stripes that we can't wait to see how they develop!

Grey Collar Boy
We've been calling him

This amazing guy is a gorgeous Red color with a white chin & chest plus cute white sox!

Red Collar Boy
We've been calling him
Iron Man (or Tony)

This little guy is a dark Red color with the cutest white spot on his head and a white chest!

Yellow Collar Boy
We've been calling him

This handsome guy has is a Red which we think will darken up and has the most beautiful wide snout.

Professor Charles & Little Millie produce the most incredible, hypo-allergenic, silky fleece wavy coats imaginable. They are highly intelligent, easily trainable and incredibly loving. Their medium size is small enough to lay on your lap and big enough to play fetch and jog alongside you.

Use the link below to leave your deposit via PayPal or Venmo.
When the puppies are 6 weeks, our families will select their puppy in the order the deposits were received.
They'll be ready to come home with you on November 22, 2019

This sweet little girl is a beautiful Caramel color that we're pretty sure will get a little darker, and white paws!