At Copper Mountain Cottage, we are a small breeder of the highest quality and provide only the best care for our Guys & Gals as well as our new puppies. Our parents are health tested and cleared by lineage, to ensure that our puppies are free from genetic health problems. Our incredible whelping room ensures our puppies are healthy, happy and safe as they grow. Each day our dogs receive multi-vitamins, diatomaceous earth, probiotics and are provided a healthy diet rich in protein. They are each groomed every month. On top of that, they have freedom to run and play and get lots of love, training and exercise. We are NOT a kennel, wholesaler of dogs, or a pet shop. Before their heat, our mommies each have a complete veterinary examination. During their pregnancy, they receive ongoing exams, ultrasounds and x-rays to make sure the puppies are developing properly. We pride ourselves on the love, support and care we provide each of our babies.

At Copper Mountain Cottage, we choose to use
South Mountain Canine Reproduction & Pet Care.
They are a Veterinary Clinic/Hospital specializing in canine reproduction serving the Wasatch Front and Intermountain Region. Their certified veterinarians oversee the health of all our pups with testing, well checks, pre-natal and post-natal care, as well as all of our newborn care. Beyond first-rate pet care, their clinic is a comfortable and very calm environment for our puppies. Check out what people are saying about them:

The Very Best Care Available

South Mountain Canine Reproduction & Pet Care

Welcome to the Nursery!

At Copper Mountain Cottage, our puppies are delivered and raised in our state-of-the-art whelping room. It is climate controlled so we can keep those new babies at a toasty 85 degrees for the first 48 hours and then at the perfect 75 degrees after that. It has an UV Air purifier to scrub the air night and day! The lights are on dimmers so we can check them at night without hurting their little eyes. The room is kept sterile - no shoes and no visitors allowed during those first precious weeks. They have their own dog door to the outside which leads to Puppy Playland - a separate yard just for momma and puppies with water features and a shaded kennel for outdoor stimulation (highly monitored playtime). The yard is tended to multiple times a day and the nursery is mopped and sterilized once a day.
Only the best for our babies and our mommas!