Meet Professor Charles Xavier


At 6 Months

At One Year

Great with Kids!

Professor Charles Xavier is a Multi-Generational Medium-Sized Australian Labradoodle whose pedigree goes 6 generations back to Rutland Manor & Tegan Park (the originator of the breed). He is the coolest guy around. He is super smart and eager to please. He is so obedient and his temperament is so great that he certified as a comfort dog with Therapy Animals of Utah so that he could visit kids in hospitals! He loves running errands with me and playing in the mountains. We take him to every store that will allow it because he loves to see all the people and be the center of attention. Everywhere we go, people stop to watch him as he's better behaved than a lot of kids! He'll take commands from the youngest of children and heels super tight to my leg. His red coat is so eye-catching and feels satiny soft. He has the cutest white patch on his chest. The Professor is great with kids and adults alike. His litters have lots of red, caramel, apricot and cream puppies in them! He has captured our hearts and we really mean it when we say

"What a STUD!"

Red Silky Fleece, Wavy
19" to the Shoulder
37 1/2 pounds
loyal, smart & eager to please